Mermaid Birthday Parties at Nepean Indoor

Mermaid Birthday Parties at Nepean Indoor

Is your child’s birthday coming up? Are you trying to think of something fun, exciting and original to do for their birthday? Well, look no further, because Hippo in the Bathtub has the perfect service for you – Mermaid Hippo Parties!

Mermaid Hippo Parties are a great option for a hassle free and exciting birthday party for your child. Our Mermaid parties can accommodate up to 8 swimmers and lasts for a total of 1.5 hours. During this 1.5 hours, the time is split: 45 minutes in the pool and 45 minutes of party time.

Throughout the 45 minutes of party time, the swimmers are able to swim and try out the mermaid tails, fins and accessories. While in the pool there is always one lifeguard on deck who is watching all the swimmers in the pool to ensure that everyone is having fun while being safe. There is also another lifeguard who is there to help with the fins. Depending on the age of the swimmers at the birthday party, this lifeguard is either in the water helping the swimmers or on the deck facilitating putting the tails and fins on.

During the swim time swimmers are not only able to swim around with the tails and fins, but they are also able to play pool games. We provide a variety of toys that the swimmers can use to play games and have fun. One of the mermaid favorites is the hula hoop! This is used by the swimmers to practice swimming through while collecting jewels and gems on the bottom of the pool.

Following the pool time, swimmers will be able to enjoy party time for cake and presents. For the party, Hippo in the Bathtub provides you with all the utensils and cutlery that you will need. However, you are in charge of bringing the food for the party, any pizza, chips, cookies, cake, or drinks that you may want. This way the birthday kid is sure to be eating their favorites on their special day!

We know how important it is to have a memorable birthday party so for that reason we make sure to decorate our facility just for your child! To do that, when you book the party, we ask you what your child’s favorite colours are. With this information we go out and purchase decorations that we think will look great in our facility but that also your child will like!

If this sounds like a fun time (which we all know it does), be sure to book your child’s next birthday party at Hippo in the Bathtub today!


3 Reasons to Hire a Lifeguard for Your Backyard Pool Party

3 Reasons to Hire a Lifeguard for Your Backyard Pool Party

With the weather warming up and summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your upcoming pool parties. If you have a backyard pool you are sure to have at least one pool party this summer. But have you thought of hiring a lifeguard for your pool party?

One of the services Hippo in the Bathtub offers is lifeguards for your backyard pool parties. The reason we offer this service is because we know how important it truly is to have a designated set of eyes watching the swimmers in your pool. There are many reasons why we believe having a lifeguard at your pool party is vital to your summer.

One of the main reasons having a lifeguard at your pool party is important, is because of safety. Not everyone who shows up to your pool party may be a strong and confident swimmer. If there are weaker swimmers present, the lifeguard will be able to identify them and keep an eye on them. The lifeguard will also be able to make sure only strong swimmers capable of swimming in the deep-end actually go in the deep-end. It is all too common for a swimmer to reach the part of the pool where they can no longer touch the bottom and start to freak out. Having a lifeguard’s eyes on the pool can help to make sure this does not happen and to keep your pool safe.

In addition, if you are hosting a pool party you are sure to be very busy. From greeting people, to preparing food, to making sure everything runs smoothly, it is easy to get distracted and not always pay attention to the swimmers in the pool. With a lifeguard present you may still have to run from duty to duty but you won’t have to keep an eye on the pool!

Lastly, we all know how stressful hosting a party can be. You want everything to run seamlessly and go just as you planned. Having a lifeguard present at your party can provide you with the peace of mind you need, to know that your pool is safe. You will be much more relaxed knowing there is a trained professional watching all the swimmers in your pool.

Having a lifeguard at your backyard pool party is an excellent idea as it not only provides a safe environment for everyone swimming but it also allows you, the host, to feel at ease knowing everyone is safe in the pool. So, if you are planning a pool party this summer, be sure to book our Hippo in the Bathtub Lifeguarding Services!

Swimming Lessons in Your Condo Pool

Swimming Lessons in Your Condo Pool

Do you live in a condo or apartment building that has a pool? Do you enjoy the convenience of not having to leave your building to attend an activity? Do you enjoy personalized instruction for either you or your children? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you are in luck, because it means you can take swim lessons through Hippo in the Bathtub in the convenience of your own condo/apartment building!

One of the many services that Hippo in the Bathtub has to offer is condo/apartment swim lessons. The way that these lessons work is simple. The first thing you need to do is to book a swim lesson through our website ( or by calling our staff (613-695-6011). By doing this you will be set up with a client Acuity account. Though this account you will have the possibility of modifying, cancelling and booking lessons at your own leisure.

When the day of your lesson arrives, you will need to meet your instructor in the lobby of your building to let them in and to show them where the pool is. You will not need to bring anything with you to the pool except for your towel, as the instructor will come prepared with everything they need for their lesson! They will have toys, games, and activities for you or your child to enjoy.

If you live in a condo/apartment be sure to book a lesson with Hippo in the Bathtub today! By doing so, you will be able to watch you or your child progress and improve their swim skills, without even having to put on your jacket and hop in your car!

Why Swimming Lessons are Important

Why Swimming Lessons are Important

Being able to swim is a very important skill to have for numerous reasons. Not only is it an activity that is both fun and enjoyable, but it is also imperative for water safety. As mentioned in a previous post, drowning is one of the most common causes of accidental death in children. Swimming is one of the only sports that can actually save a life. Knowing how to swim at a young age is an excellent skill to acquire, as it helps to keep you safe when in the pool and around other bodies of water.

Although swimming is an important skill to acquire at a young age, you are never too old to learn how to swim, as swimming also has many health benefits. Swimming not only keeps your heart and lungs healthy, but it also helps to improve one’s strength and flexibility. As swimming is a low-impact sport, it is an excellent option for older adults who want a whole-body workout. On top of the physical health benefits swimming has, it also has mental health benefits, as swimming relaxes the mind and uplifts your mood!

Further, swimming is great for gaining confidence due to the fact that it is accessible to people of any age and any ability. Swimming lessons provide both challenge and rewards to swimmers. They challenge swimmers to continue to try and improve and become better all the while rewarding them for their accomplishments. This allows children, and adults, to become self-confident and believe in their capabilities. In addition, it is one of the sports that is most accessible for children with additional needs.

Swimming is also an activity that is very enjoyable and fun since swimming lessons are structured in a way for students to improve their technique through playing games and doing fun activities. Also, being able to swim means you can go to your friend’s pool party without having to worry or be afraid to go into the water.

Lastly, knowing how to swim opens up the door to being able to do other activities. If you know how to swim then you can partake in activities such as: kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, surfing, triathlons and much more.

Now that you see the importance swimming has in everyone’s daily lives, no matter their age, sign up for private or semi private swimming lessons today with us at Hippo in the Bathtub!

Helping Your Reluctant Swimmer at Home

Helping Your Reluctant Swimmer at Home

Do you have a reluctant swimmer?  Does your child not love being in the water and requires a large amount of persuasion to go swimming?  Introducing your children to water at a young age is an excellent way to ensure that they are water safe. Sadly, drowning is one of the most common causes of accidental death in children. That is why we believe that being able to swim is an essential life skill. However, what happens when your little one comes to the pool and seems very reluctant to participate in their lessons?

Of course, our highly qualified swim instructors will be there to help your child become at ease and more comfortable and confident in the water. But you, as a parent, can also help your child become more confident and comfortable in the water!

When swimmers are afraid and/or reluctant to go into the pool, it often has to do with the fact that they are uncomfortable and uncertain when it comes to water. Luckily, often times, all of our children take baths at home. The bathtub is an excellent tool to use to help children become more comfortable around water. The first step to helping your child become comfortable around water, is to make it an inviting atmosphere. This can easily be done by allowing your child to bring fun water toys into the bath with them. Toys that sink, such as rings, and toys that float, such as rubber ducks, are both excellent options to allow into bath time. As we also bring toys into the pool during lessons, this helps your child make the connection between toys during fun bath time and toys during lesson time.

Furthermore, another technique that can be practiced in the bath, is getting your child used to having water on their head. Often times this is something that young children or beginner swimmers do not particularly enjoy. Practicing this skill can be done by gradually, softly pouring water on your child (a toy watering can is a great tool for this). First, begin with pouring water on their shoulders. Once they are comfortable with this you can work your way up from their shoulders to their head – shoulders, neck, back of head, and finally top of head.

Lastly, an excellent way to practice swim skills with your reluctant swimmer, is to sing songs and play games in the bath. As this is how our instructors teach their lessons, one way to pick up on songs and games is to watch your child’s lesson from the window in the waiting area. Some examples of excellent games are Simon Says and Talking to the FishiesSimon Says is a great game to practice putting your face in the water. Some of the things you could say are: “Simon says put your ear in the water”, “Simon says touch your forehead in the water”, “Simon says blow bubbles in the water”, “Simon says put your whole face in the water”, etc. Talking to the Fishies is a great way to allow your child to practice rhythmic breathing. This game is easily played by asking your child to ask the fishies in the water a question by blowing bubbles and then listening to the response by turning to the side and putting their ear in the water.

Here at Hippo in the Bathtub, we are certain that our instructors will be able to turn your reluctant swimmer into a confident swimmer who is comfortable in the water. By practicing these skills at home, it will simply help to speed up the process and get your child at ease in the water even sooner!

Try Before You Buy a Mermaid Tail

Try Before You Buy a Mermaid Tail

Almost every little girl dreams of being mermaid at some point in their lives. Being able to swim through the ocean (or pool) with a mermaid fin and tail seems like a dream. However, today it is very easy to purchase a mermaid tail that your child can wear to swim in the pool. Although, mermaid tails are easily accessible, it does not mean that you should purchase one right away as these tails are actually quite difficult to use.

We believe that it is important to first have a mermaid lesson before actually purchasing a tail. The reason for this is threefold; to avoid disappointment, for safety reasons, and to learn how to use it. Here at Hippo in the Bathtub, our instructors are trained to use the mermaid tails and can easily share their knowledge of it with you.

If you book a mermaid lesson with us, our instructors will be able to show your child how to properly use the mermaid tail. Often times, if you purchase a tail without first trying it out, you may think you know how to properly use it, but in fact you may be doing something incorrectly. Our instructors are there to show your swimmer how to use the tail properly through numerous mermaid drills and games!

Knowing how to properly use the tail, follows suit with the safety concern that arises with swimming with mermaid tails. If not used correctly, a mermaid tail can be a danger to swimmers. Children need to be quite strong swimmers to be able to use and enjoy the tails appropriately. Trying out the tail in a class with a qualified instructor can help you to see if your child will be able to use the tail confidently by themselves.

This leads to the last concern, avoiding disappointment. As mentioned earlier, almost every little child wants to be a mermaid at some point in their lives. However, if a tail is purchased before testing it out, your child may become quite disappointed when they do not know how to use it. Booking a lesson with us will allow your child to test out how it feels to swim with a tail and see if they actually enjoy swimming like a mermaid.

Perhaps after one lesson you will be ready to purchase your own tail, but if you are not, you may book more lessons, both private or semi private, with us. Even if you are ready to buy your own tail, you may want to share your child’s excitement of being a mermaid with their friends, in which case you can book a mermaid party at our facility. Whatever may be the case, we strongly believe that before purchasing a mermaid tail, it is a great benefit to both you and your child to first book a mermaid lesson with us.

What to Expect at Your First Lesson:  Nepean Indoor

What to Expect at Your First Lesson: Nepean Indoor

Here at Hippo in the Bathtub’s Nepean Indoor facility, we are unique not only in how we teach our lessons but also in where we teach. For this reason, your first day at Nepean Indoor may be a little different than what you have experienced with swim lessons offered elsewhere.

When you walk into our Nepean Indoor facility you will enter through our welcome/waiting area. This is where both you and any other children (who may be waiting for their own lesson) will wait. What is great about this area is that it is equipped with numerous things to occupy any little ones who are waiting for their turn. We have both a play area filled with toys and a table filled with colouring pages and activities to complete.

Our Nepean Indoor facility is equipped with two change rooms designed specifically for Hippo use. These showers are set at one temperature and are controlled by pulling on a chain. This allows us to help conserve water and be environmentally conscious. We also always have shampoo and shower gel in our showers so that you do not have to lug yours back and forth!

After changing in the change room and taking a quick shower, your child will be able to choose a couple of toys to bring with them to the pool for their lesson. We know that swim lessons are much more fun when toys are involved which is why we have a large selection of pool toys to choose from. After choosing their toys, your child and their swim instructor will enter the pool area and begin their lesson.

Due to the nature of our Nepean Indoor facility, we ask that all parents stay in the waiting area while their children are in their lessons. The main reason for this is that we like the pool to be a quiet, calm and relaxing space where the swimmers only have to concentrate on their swimming. Often times young children can be easily distracted by both their parents and siblings, and this alleviates this problem. However, when you walk into the waiting area you will notice a large window that looks onto the pool. So, although you may not be able to be on the pool deck with your child, you will still be able to comfortably sit and watch them though the window!

As our facility only allows for two lessons to occur simultaneously, there is always a maximum of three swimmers in the pool at once. If your swimmer is in a higher level, then they can expect to have the pool to themselves for a portion of their lessons. As we provide top quality lessons, you can expect your child to have a wonderful time during their private or semi private lesson. The instructor will be able to help your child progress at their own speed as they will tailor their instruction to the needs of your child.

Following your child’s lesson, you will be able to briefly chat with their instructor to see how their lesson went and to see what they still need to work on. This allows you to have continuous contact with their instructor and to know exactly how they are progressing.

As you can see, things are a bit different here at Hippo in the Bathtub’s Nepean Indoor facility, but it is because of these differences that our clients and students love coming to our facility for swim instruction!

If you are ready to book lessons, you can do so online by following the booking form on our Swim Instruction page.  Hope to see you and your children soon!

Why Choose the Red Cross Swim Program?

Why Choose the Red Cross Swim Program?

Hippo in the Bathtub originally followed the Lifesaving Society’s “Swim to Life” swim program when we first started offering backyard swimming lessons in Ottawa.  We choose this program since the City of Ottawa pools were currently using the program at their pools.  In 2012, the City switched to the Red Cross swim program and we enthusiastically followed suit.  Us Hippos LOVE the Red Cross swim program as it has many great awesome components and has amazing content.  In this blog post, find out why we love the Canadian Red Cross swim program, and why you should to! (more…)

What to Know About Red Cross Preschool Swimming Lessons

What to Know About Red Cross Preschool Swimming Lessons

The Red Cross divides their swimming lessons into three categories; Red Cross Preschool, Red Cross Swim Kids, and Red Cross Adult.  In this post, we will be focusing on the Red Cross Preschool swimming levels:  Starfish, Duck, Sea Turtle, Sea Otter, Salamander, Sunfish, Crocodile, & Whale.  We hope that this post will help you understand the progression that your child(ren) will be working through during their swimming lessons! (more…)