Hippo In The Bathtub – Indoor Pool Facilities

Our custom indoor pool facilities have been carefully designed to perfectly match Hippo in the Bathtub’s reputation of providing top-quality services at our client’s convenience.  Our 40 – 48 foot salt water pools are kept at a warm temperature of 87 – 90F (30 – 32C).  There are never more than two lessons being taught in the pool simultaneously, which makes our pools the perfect place for learning.  Each facility has comfortable seating areas for parents, free WiFi, snack canteen, and private changerooms.

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Our focused pool environment is a perfect place for children to learn to be stronger and safer swimmers.  If you have a child who could benefit from one-on-one instruction, this is the pool for them!  We also offer swimming lesson for adults.  Many of our staff have experience teaching children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other types of special needs.

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Swimming Lessons

At our indoor pool facilities, we offer both private and semi-private lessons for children and adults. Learn more about our swim program here.  Our semi-private lessons are for two swimmers; both swimmers must be registered by the client so the semi-private lesson pricing covers the cost for both swimmers.

Indoor Lesson Pricing:

We have a number of pricing options depending on how many times you would like to swim!  

Private Lessons: Private lessons allow our instructors to customize their teaching style to perfectly match the student and ensure they are actively learning the entire lesson.  The swimmer will be actively swimming the whole lesson; no waiting on the pool stairs for their turn!

Semi-Private Lessons:  If you have two swimmers who are very close in age and are at similar swimming ability, then a semi-private lesson may be the way to go for lessons.  Our instructors are excellent at designing lesson plans that will benefit both swimmers during semi-private lessons and will do their best to keep both swimmers progressing. 

Individual Private & Semi-Private Lessons:

    • Individual 30 minute private lesson:  $80 + HST
    • Individual 30 minute semi-private lesson:  $108 + HST

*NEW* Private Lesson Hippo Deal Packages

    • 4 x 30 minute private lessons: $288 + HST ($72/lesson)
    • 8 x 30 minute private lessons: $536 + HST ($67/lesson)
    • 16 x 30 minute private lessons: $992 + HST ($62/lesson)

*NEW* Semi-Private Lesson Hippo Deal Packages

    • 4 x 30 minute semi-private lessons: $396 + HST ($99/lesson)
    • 8 x 30 minute semi-private lessons: $768 + HST ($96/lesson)
    • 16 x 30 minute semi-private lessons: $1456+HST ($91/lesson)

Hippo Deal Package Information:

When you purchase one of our Hippo Deal packages, the system will provide you with a unique booking code for the number of lessons you purchased!  These credits can be used at our Nepean and Stittsville pool locations.  Any unused or cancelled lessons will automatically go back onto your code.  This makes booking, rescheduling, and re-booking cancelled lessons a breeze for clients to do online through our booking system!

PLEASE NOTE:  You must purchase a Hippo Deal package before you can apply the purchased credits to lessons.  We are unable to retroactively provide Hippo Deal discounts if you purchase multiple individual lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your service terms & conditions for indoor lessons?

Refund Policy:  When requested, refunds will be provided minus a 25% administration fee. Cancelled lessons will by default remain as account credits unless a refund is explicitly requested; credits never expire.

Lesson Modification:  Just as we allow clients to reschedule lessons for any reason, we reserve the right to cancel / reschedule lessons or adjust instructors as needed.

Pool Sharing for Indoor Lessons:  We reserve the right to schedule two separate swimming lessons during the same time slot. This means that there can be up to two lessons being taught simultaneously in the pool.  Clients are never guaranteed to have the pool to themselves for a lesson (unless they have booked both time slots).

Rescheduling Policy for Indoor Lessons:

If you cannot make a scheduled lesson and need to cancel, we require a minimum of 4 hours notice.  If you give the required notice, you will be allowed to reschedule the lesson at no cost.  If you do not show up for a lesson or give less than the above notice, you will have to pay our $22 + HST rescheduling fee if you wish to reschedule the missed lesson. Once you pay the fee, we will help you find a new date/time for the lesson that was cancelled after the 4 hour cut-off. Please note that the rescheduling fee is per rescheduled lesson.  If you arrive late for a lesson, your instructor will teach whatever time is left in your appointment – any missed time will not be allowed to be rescheduled.


Do you require signed waivers for students?

Yes, we do require a signed waiver for all swimming lesson students as well as those attending birthday parties and open swims (Splash & Dashes).  Waiver links are included in the service intake form but can also be completed through the below links.

> Swimming Lesson Waiver – Minor

> Swimming Lesson Waiver – Adult

> Birthday Party Participant Waiver

> Open Swim Participant Waiver


What is your refund policy for indoor swimming lessons?

Refund Policy for Individual Swim Lessons:  When requested, refunds will be provided minus a 25% administration fee. Cancelled lessons will by default remain as account credits unless a refund is explicitly requested; credits never expire.

Refund Policy for Hippo Deals: Refunds for unused Hippo Deals can be provided minus a 25% administration fee. Refunds are not available for partially used Hippo Deals.

NOTE:  All our service terms and condtions are outlined at time of purchase.  It is the client’s responsibility to review the service terms and conditions prior to completing the purchase.  If a client does not like our terms and conditions, we ask them to not purchase lessons or a Hippo Deal.  Exceptions can’t be made after purchase.


How can I reschedule an upcoming appointment?

Appointments can be rescheduled by clicking on the pink button in any of the automated emails you will have received from our booking system, Acuity.  You can use the original confirmation email or one of the reminder emails that you’ll receive 24 & 6 hours before each appointment.

You can also send us an email at info@hippointhebathtub.ca.

Do your indoor facilities have changerooms?

Each of our indoor pool facilities have private, individual changerooms.  When you arrive, your instructor will greet you in the waiting room and then direct you to one of the changerooms.

Do your indoor facilities have showers?

Each of our indoor pool facilities do have showers on the pool deck.  We do have shampoo and body wash available in each shower – though clients are welcome to bring their own if preferred!

What can we expect at our first visit at one of your indoor facilities?

When you arrive for a lesson, you can come right into our waiting area.  There are coat racks and a place for outdoor shoes.  All outdoor footwear must be removed.  We do have some shoes that clients can borrow while at the facility; these shoes are cleaned after each use.

When your instructor is ready, they will come and greet you.  They will give you a quick tour of the facility and direct you to a changeroom.

Once your child is changed, the instructor will be waiting for them at the entrance to the pool.  Parents are welcome to watch the lesson from just outside the pool area – we have a number of seating options available.  One parent may come on deck if that helps their child feel more comfortable.

Is there on-site parking at your indoor facilities?

Nepean facility: There are three designated parking spots for our facility – each clearly marked with a red sign.  If those spots are full, there is free parking on Grenfell Crescent.  We kindly ask that you don’t park in any of our neighbor’s parking spots.

Stittsville facility: There are lots of parking spots for our facility, located at the rear of the building.  We share the building with Krown Rustproofing, so when you arrive, just drive around to the back of the building and look for the blue door!

What swim program do you offer?

As the Red Cross is ending their swim program on December 31, 2022, Hippo in the Bathtub will be using our own swim program which will come into effect January 1, 2023.  The swim program has been tailored to complement our students’ learning environment: our custom indoor pools and our client’s backyard pools. 

As the swim students advance through the six levels in our “Swim Like a Hippo” curriculum, they will start by being comfortable in the pool and proceed to perform five strokes and a number of water safety, lifesaving, & survival skills.  The swim program is suitable for ages 1 -12 yrs old.  Adult swim lessons are also available.

You can learn more here: https://hippointhebathtub.ca/swimlikeahippo/

Why is your Nepean Indoor pool facility closing in November 2024?

The lease for our Nepean (Grenfell) location is expiring at the end of November 2024 and we will not be renewing the lease. Over the past almost 8 years, we have loved welcoming our swimmers and their families to this facility and have appreciated the consistent support of this location! However, we have outgrown the space, and thus, we have decided to not renew the lease and rather look to build a bigger facility that will be better equipped to serve our growing number of students. We hope to be able to have a new Nepean location operational by early 2025. Although we do not have details finalized, please be assured we are working hard behind the scenes to try and secure the perfect new location for our clients. Once we have a new space confirmed and have an opening date, we will be posting on our social media accounts, as well as adding details to our website.

While we have plans to open a new Nepean location, the new location will be taken as an opportunity to create an updated Hippo experience and the new location will not follow existing services, pricing, or policies. Our Stittsville location will continue to operate as usual, as will our Nepean location until it closes on November 28th.

All lesson credits are only valid for our existing Nepean and Stittsville locations. Credits will not be transferable to any new locations. Any credits unused at our Nepean location by November 28th will continue to be valid at our Stittsville location. Our existing refund policy remains in effect.

Indoor Pool Facilities and Locations

Nepean Indoor Facility

41 Grenfell Crescent – Unit 2A
Ottawa, ON K2G 0G3

(off of Slack Rd. near Merivale Rd.)

*Upcoming Closure​ of Nepean Facility*
The lease for our Nepean location is expiring at the end of November 2024 and we will not be renewing the lease.  Please see above FAQ’s for more details.

Lesson credits are only valid for our existing locations. Credits will not be transferable to any new locations. Any credits unused at our Nepean location by November 28th will continue to be valid at our Stittsville location.

Stittsville Indoor Facility

8 Cedarow Court – Unit 2
Ottawa, ON K2S 1V6

(near intersection of Hazeldean Rd. & Fringewood Dr)

Mermaid Lessons

Through an assortment of drills and games your child will become a little mermaid in no time!  Our mermaid lessons are for children ages 4-10. If the child is a non-swimmer, they will use a tail with no fin so that they are able to kick normally. If the child is a swimmer, our staff will help them use a mermaid tail and fin.  Mermaid fins and tails are provided by us!

30 minute private mermaid lesson:  $75 + HST 

30 minute semi-private mermaid lesson:  $99 + HST (total for 2 mermaids)

Birthday Parties

** This service is currently only being offered at our Stittsville location. **

Looking for a unique party option for your child’s upcoming birthday?  Choose Hippo in the Bathtub!

Our birthday parties are 1.5 hours long: 45 minutes of pool time and 45 minutes of cake/presents time.  In the pool, we have two staff members who will help the party participants learn how to swim like a mermaid or how to be a pirate.  Pool games will vary depending on the swimming ability of the swimmers. Our staff will see how the group responds to games and pick the ones that are the best match!  We provide all the decorations for the party: including table settings (plates cups, cutlery, napkins), tablecloths, balloons, and mermaid/pirate decor.  All the party host has to bring is the food and the children.  :)

Our parties are for ages 4-10 years old.  As our pool is four feet deep, if children are not strong swimmers we will provide them with a puddle-jumper or noodle to ensure they can safely participate in the swim time.

Mermaid Birthday Party!

$299 + HST 

  • Forty-five minutes of swim time and pool games
  • Forty-five minutes of party time for cake and presents
  • Mermaid tails, fins, accessories, and decorations provided
  • Accommodates 6 swimmers (two more can be added at an additional cost)

Pirate Birthday Party!

$299 + HST

  • Forty-five minutes of swim time and pool games
  • Forty-five minutes of party time for cake and presents
  • Pirate pool toys, table settings, and decorations included
  • Accommodates 6 swimmers (two more can be added at an additional cost)