Is your child’s birthday coming up? Are you trying to think of something fun, exciting and original to do for their birthday? Well, look no further, because Hippo in the Bathtub has the perfect service for you – Mermaid Hippo Parties!

Mermaid Hippo Parties are a great option for a hassle free and exciting birthday party for your child. Our Mermaid parties can accommodate up to 8 swimmers and lasts for a total of 1.5 hours. During this 1.5 hours, the time is split: 45 minutes in the pool and 45 minutes of party time.

Throughout the 45 minutes of party time, the swimmers are able to swim and try out the mermaid tails, fins and accessories. While in the pool there is always one lifeguard on deck who is watching all the swimmers in the pool to ensure that everyone is having fun while being safe. There is also another lifeguard who is there to help with the fins. Depending on the age of the swimmers at the birthday party, this lifeguard is either in the water helping the swimmers or on the deck facilitating putting the tails and fins on.

During the swim time swimmers are not only able to swim around with the tails and fins, but they are also able to play pool games. We provide a variety of toys that the swimmers can use to play games and have fun. One of the mermaid favorites is the hula hoop! This is used by the swimmers to practice swimming through while collecting jewels and gems on the bottom of the pool.

Following the pool time, swimmers will be able to enjoy party time for cake and presents. For the party, Hippo in the Bathtub provides you with all the utensils and cutlery that you will need. However, you are in charge of bringing the food for the party, any pizza, chips, cookies, cake, or drinks that you may want. This way the birthday kid is sure to be eating their favorites on their special day!

We know how important it is to have a memorable birthday party so for that reason we make sure to decorate our facility just for your child! To do that, when you book the party, we ask you what your child’s favorite colours are. With this information we go out and purchase decorations that we think will look great in our facility but that also your child will like!

If this sounds like a fun time (which we all know it does), be sure to book your child’s next birthday party at Hippo in the Bathtub today!