Trying to decide between signing your child up for private swimming lessons or registering them for group swimming classes with the City of Ottawa?  Below are some items to consider before making this decision!

Teaching a child one-on-one versus in a group setting has many benefits for a swimmer. One such benefit is that the swimmer gets the instructor’s undivided attention. The swimming instructor is able to focus their whole attention on one swimmer, meaning that swimmer receives a whole lesson of constructive feedback versus the few times an instructor can offer feedback in a group lesson.

In addition, another benefit is that the swimmer gets to swim for the whole swimming lesson. When in a group lesson, specifically for preschool levels, swimmers often only get to swim a full 5 minutes out of the 30 minute-class. With private swimming lessons, swimmers get to utilize the whole 30 minutes for themselves, meaning they not only get more swim time but also more exercise.

A last benefit of private swimming lessons is the swimmer is able to create a stronger bond with the instructor and thus have more confidence in them. When a swimmer, especially a young swimmer, trusts their instructor, they feel more confident in their abilities and in trying new things. Not only does the swimmer feel more confident, but they have a better time, knowing they have an instructor who cares about them!

Here at Hippo in the Bathtub, we have two options for swimming lessons: private & semi-private.  Our semi-private lessons are for two swimmers who are in the same swim level.  Semi-private lessons are a fantastic option for twins or for two best friends who would like to swim together!  Our private lessons though are what has made (and continues to make us) Ottawa’s best swimming lesson provider.  You just can’t beat one on one personalized swim instruction!

Our private and semi-private swimming lessons options are available both at your backyard pool ( Hippos In Your Pool ) or at our Nepean Indoor or Trainyards Indoor salt-water pools.