Almost every little girl dreams of being mermaid at some point in their lives. Being able to swim through the ocean (or pool) with a mermaid fin and tail seems like a dream. However, today it is very easy to purchase a mermaid tail that your child can wear to swim in the pool. Although, mermaid tails are easily accessible, it does not mean that you should purchase one right away as these tails are actually quite difficult to use.

We believe that it is important to first have a mermaid lesson before actually purchasing a tail. The reason for this is threefold; to avoid disappointment, for safety reasons, and to learn how to use it. Here at Hippo in the Bathtub, our instructors are trained to use the mermaid tails and can easily share their knowledge of it with you.

If you book a mermaid lesson with us, our instructors will be able to show your child how to properly use the mermaid tail. Often times, if you purchase a tail without first trying it out, you may think you know how to properly use it, but in fact you may be doing something incorrectly. Our instructors are there to show your swimmer how to use the tail properly through numerous mermaid drills and games!

Knowing how to properly use the tail, follows suit with the safety concern that arises with swimming with mermaid tails. If not used correctly, a mermaid tail can be a danger to swimmers. Children need to be quite strong swimmers to be able to use and enjoy the tails appropriately. Trying out the tail in a class with a qualified instructor can help you to see if your child will be able to use the tail confidently by themselves.

This leads to the last concern, avoiding disappointment. As mentioned earlier, almost every little child wants to be a mermaid at some point in their lives. However, if a tail is purchased before testing it out, your child may become quite disappointed when they do not know how to use it. Booking a lesson with us will allow your child to test out how it feels to swim with a tail and see if they actually enjoy swimming like a mermaid.

Perhaps after one lesson you will be ready to purchase your own tail, but if you are not, you may book more lessons, both private or semi private, with us. Even if you are ready to buy your own tail, you may want to share your child’s excitement of being a mermaid with their friends, in which case you can book a mermaid party at our facility. Whatever may be the case, we strongly believe that before purchasing a mermaid tail, it is a great benefit to both you and your child to first book a mermaid lesson with us.